1-2-3 Done! Patio Vegetables and Herbs

1-2-3 Done! - Patio Veggies & Herbs

Who says you have to have a big area to grow vegetables and herbs? It doesn't matter how big or small your living space is, if you want to grow your own vegetables and herbs, do it!

With a few well placed containers, your small patio or balcony can turn into a beautiful and edible garden.

To determine what to grow in your little patio garden, decide on the vegetables and herbs you enjoy and what grows well in your area.

What about tomatoes? You can't ever have enough tomatoes, I just love them! And there are many compact tomato varieties that will grow well in containers.

Don't forget about herbs. Rosemary, basil, and sage are all perfect for small spaces. You can even grow cool season crops like cabbage and rainbow chard.

By adding a few containers of vegetables and herbs, your balcony or patio can turn into your very own comfortable and functional small garden oasis.

So if you want to have a garden but your short on space, don't sweat it, add a few containers of your favorite veggies and herbs, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3, Done!

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