A Glorious Fall Garden

This year, I am really looking forward to fall. In the spring I usually feel so rushed to get everything done that I often don't take the time to savor the season. I see autumn as a second chance to enjoy my garden as it dons a new coat of vibrant colors. The spring garden is a tapestry of pinks, soft blues, chartreuse, grays and creams. By fall, the blooms and foliage transform into deep purples, oranges, reds, and yellows.

SalivaTo get the most out of my fall garden I have already started planning. I've compiled a list of violas and pansies, ordered my spring flowering bulbs, and hit the local garden centers searching for plants with showy fall foliage or blooms.

To help you pick out plants for your fall garden, I've put together a list of some of my favorite perennials, annuals and ornamental grasses.


Autumn sage (Salvia greggii), Chrysantheum, Goldenrod 'Fireworks', Hardy Ageratum, Hardy Begonia (Begonia grandis), Japanese Anemone, Monkshood, New England Aster 'Purple Dome', Perennial Sunflower, Salvia 'Indigo Spires', Mexican Sage, Toad Lily, Hosta, Autumn Fern, Arkansas Amsonia, Royal Fern, Solomon's Seal


Calibrachoa, Cock's Comb, Coleus, Fibrous Begonia, Hyacinth Bean Vine, Lantana, Marigold,Morning Glory, Ornamental Cabbage and Kale, Petunias, Sweet Potato Vine 'Blackie' or Margarita',Violas and Pansies, Torenia


Autumn Crocus, Colchicum, Lycoris, Nerine, Sternbergia


Calamagrostis 'Karl Forrester', Purple Fountain Grass (Not Cold Hardy), Northern Sea Oats (May Be Invasive),
Ribbon Grass, Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Little Bunny', Miscanthus 'Caberet'

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