Big Impact Houseplants

In my career as a designer, I've always blurred the line between the garden and home. It's a beautiful design philosophy to use throughout the whole year, but during the winter it's an especially easy way to brighten up an otherwise dreary season. Big impact houseplants can add color, life, and even health to your home and most houseplants are both beautiful and easy to grow.

What to Grow

The African Violet is one of the easiest-growing flowering houseplants, which is lucky because it produces stunning blooms in any color. With its variety of colors, it will both complement and accentuate your décor. Given the right conditions African violets will bloom on and off year-round. All the plant requires are warm conditions, water when dry and filtered sunlight. It's a perfect addition to any living space.

Lemon Tree HouseplantAnother winner is the hibiscus, even during the winter. It creates a feel for the tropics with its huge blossoms that appear from spring through fall, and come in bright shades of pink, yellow, purple and white. Hibiscus can be trained to grow as a tree so that you have greenery in your home year-round.

If you want more blooms in winter, the Kaffir Lily is the way to go. Like the hibiscus, it is stunning even without flowers, but it's the January blooms that make such an impact. Clusters of red, orange or yellow tubular flowers bloom appear just when we long for color. For best performance keep your Kaffir Lily in a cool, dry location. Be careful though- the plant is poisonous and can make children or pets sick if they chew on the leaves.

The Calamondin Orange is a hybrid between a kumquat and a mandarin orange, but the fragrant white blossoms are the real reason to bring this plant into your home. They bloom in late winter and spring, and the fruits can be harvested to be used like lemons or kumquats. All you have to do is keep it in cool temperatures and bright sunlight and you've got a fruit tree at your fingertips!

Indoor Plant Care

These are just a few of the many plants you can try, but there are plenty that I recommend for their vibrant blooms- silver vase plants, Rieger begonias, oxalis, and Brazilian fireworks, to name a few. Whichever you use, just make sure to care for them as well as you'd care for your outdoor plants and enjoy them as much as you'd enjoy and piece of indoor artwork.

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