Blue and Yellow Container Garden for Partial Shade

I love container gardening. It's so easy and perfect for gardeners without a lot of spare time.  This trio of containers is potted up in a blue and yellow palette.  It’s a great combination for partial shade and harmonizes well when placed beside gray-blue plants such as hosta ‘Krossa Regal’ or artemisia ‘Powis Castle’.

To begin you need 3 containers in 3 different sizes.  I used glazed pots in a neutral charcoal-brown.

The largest pot is planted with a yellow and green coleus, pale yellow calibrachoa and blue ageratum.  The next pot is planted with blue torenia and the smallest pot contains variegated sedge. 

The coleus has a pale-yellow center, which is echoed by the Calibrachoa and then picked up again by the Sedge and the yellow throat of the Torenia.

Container Garden for Partial Shade The Ageratum is extremely heat tolerant. It was successfully trialed at the Dallas Arboretum and you know it gets hot down there.


  1. Zen Moment™ Coleus
  2. Artist® Blue Ageratum
  3. Superbells® Yellow Chiffon Calibrachoa
  4. Catalina® Midnight Blue Torenia
  5. Evergold Sedge (Carex hachijoensis)
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