Blue Window Box

This colorful box of blooms brings the garden right up to your window sill.  Its soothing palette of green, blue, and purple creates a visual oasis on hot summer days.  

Container:  Painted Wooden Window box – 12” wide X 31” long X 12” deep

Plant List:
(3) Proven Winners® Catalina® Midnight Blue Torenia
(2) Proven Winners® Whirlwind® Blue Scaevola
(4) Proven Winners® Angelface® Blue Angelonia
(2) Blue Yonder Plectranthus

Window Box Planting with Blue Flowers and Foliage
Things to Keep in Mind:

  • These plants perform best in morning sun and afternoon shade.
  • Good fertilization keeps the flowers blooming and vigorous.
  • If you don’t want to get out the drill to mount the box on the house, place your planter box on a stand in front of a window.
  • This colorful combination of plants looks great as a window box on a white or pastel-colored house.
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