Blueberry Varieties in the P. Allen Smith Edibles Collection

P. Allen Smith Edibles Collection of Blueberries With their delicious fruit and gorgeous foliage, blueberries have always been one of my favorites, and I'm very excited to introduce the new P. Allen Smith Edibles Collection of blueberries! I've worked with the Berry Family of Nurseries to choose six wonderful blueberry varieties that perform well in different climates and produce great fruit for both eating fresh and for cooking.

Whether planted in the landscape or in containers, the P. Allen Smith Edibles Collection of blueberries promises beautiful foliage and delicious fruit. Look for the collection at your local garden center and home improvement stores.

Blueberry Varieties for Northern Climates

  • Duke

    Duke is a popular early ripening Northern Highbush variety. It produces an abundance of good quality fruit early in the season. The berries remain evenly sized throughout harvest. The mild flavor improves with cold storage. If gardeners choose a quality growing site and continually employ good cultural practices, Duke will be a vigorous grower for years.

  • Bluecrop

    Bluecrop is one of the most widely planted cultivars because it's so easy to grow and has very few problems. It can withstand spring frosts quite well, resulting in high, consistent yields. For the sweetest flavor allow fruit to fully mature before picking. It can be tart if picked too early.

  • Jersey

    Jersey is one of the oldest and most dependable varieties. It grows well in most types of soil, producing consistent yields of very sweet fruit. The loose clusters and upright bush make for easy picking.

Blueberry Varieties for Southern Climates

  • O'Neil

    This is one of the best tasting berries for fresh eating. Often considered to have the best flavor of the Southern Highbush types, with large, dark blue fruit that matures from summer to early fall. One of the earliest blueberries to ripen. Evergreen foliage in mild winters or turns brilliant red before falling in cold climates.

  • Misty Blue

    Misty is one of the most attractive, vigorous and high yielding Southern Highbush varieties. The bright blue-green foliage provides a perfect contrast to the pink and white spring flowers and sky blue summer fruit.

  • Sunshine Blue

    Warm climate gardeners will rejoice in Sunshine Blue, a heat-loving Southern Highbush variety, requiring a mere 150 hours of chilling. Thriving as far south as San Diego, it also adapts readily to northern areas, and tolerates sweeter soil. Sunshine Blue's evergreen foliage and compact, upright habit makes for a sensational landscape or container plant. It grows to 3 feet. In springtime, the hot pink blooms will lighten to white, followed by a profusion of delectable berries in mid-season. Its autumn show is a climax of teal and burgundy foliage.

Berry Family of Nurseries Logo The blueberries in the P. Allen Smith Edibles Collection are grown by the Berry Family of Nurseries.

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