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Did you know that the shirt you're wearing might be made with petroleum? The same is true of your writing pen, furniture wax and lip balm. A quick Internet search on "petroleum-based products" will pull up an astounding number of results that illustrate how much petrochemicals are interwoven into our daily lives.

Now consider an alternative. The soybean. Soybeans have a split personality. There's the protein that you're probably familiar with that's used to make livestock feed and soy-based foods. Then there's the oil. The majority of soy oil is targeted for the food industry, but the rest goes toward manufacturing automotive, building, home, and personal products. Many of the same things traditionally made with petroleum.

Soybean oil is a natural, biodegradable, renewable alternative to petroleum and we produce it right here in the United States. Good for you, the environment and our economy. Win, win, win!

So now comes the fun part. Shopping for soy-based products. I've challenged myself to replace common petroleum-based items with soy-based.

Here's what I've found so far. For even more soy-based product information visit the online soy product guide on

Soy-based Products Soy-based Products



Good to Know

A field of soybeans does more than look pretty. As soybeans grow they help reduce greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. According the United Soybean Board the 3.36 billion bushels grown in the U.S. in 2009 removed enough carbon to equal taking 21 million cars off the road.

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