Choosing a Location for Your Rose Garden

The phrase "rose garden" often brings to mind an institutional-looking area with roses lined up soldier-straight, but I'm not sure how this image became the norm. Rose gardens are actually quite diverse. It all depends on your personal style. Roses can be showcased in formal parterres with hedges, knot gardens mixed with herbs or casual cottage borders along with shrubs, perennials and annuals. You can also create a rose garden on a small scale with containers.

The Knock Out® Family of Roses makes designing a rose garden simple because they are so easy to grow. These roses are cold hardy, drought and heat tolerant and disease resistant so they are more versatile when it comes to their surroundings than other roses. There are only three points to consider when selecting a site for a Knock Out® Rose garden.

  1. Choose a Sunny Spot
    Roses require at least six hours of sun each day for best performance.
  2. Give Your Roses Room to Grow
    Whether you plant one or 100 roses make sure your rose garden is large enough to give your roses room to grow and breathe. Air flowing around the shrubs will keep the foliage dry and reduce humidity, helping to cut down on fungal diseases. The Knock Out® Family of Roses matures to 3 to 4 feet tall and equally as wide. When you plan your garden space these roses 4 feet apart. Good air circulation will assist their natural disease resistance.
  3. Size of Your Rose Garden
    Be realistic in estimating how much time you can devote to the garden and plan its size accordingly. Even though the Knock Out® Family of Roses are low maintenance there are tasks to consider such as watering, care for companion plants and tending to the general area. Opt for small and beautiful…you can always expand in the future if you find you have more time.
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