Christmas Home Depot Demonstration Shopping List

P. Allen Smith’s Demonstrations at Home Depot
Chicago (11/30) and Atlanta (12/07)

Demonstration 1: All greenery featured is from the P. Allen Smith Holiday Greenery Collection.

Tip: Score the bottom of the tree trunk before setting it up. This allows the tree to absorb more water and keep it fresh longer.

Project: Tree Hydration Solution
Mix together the following items and pour into the tree stand.

  • 1 gallon water
  • 2 cups light corn syrup
  • 4 teaspoons chlorine bleach
  • 4 teaspoons lemon juice or vinegar (optional)

Shopping List: Anti-Transpirant
Corn Syrup
Chlorine Bleach
Lemon Juice or Vinegar

Demonstration 2: Allen uses the wreath from the Classic Collection to create a table centerpiece.

Tip: Burn the tips of the poinsettias stems as you cut them to incorporate them into a wreath. This preserves them better. Also, keep centerpieces low so guests can chat easily across the table.

Shopping list:
(9) 6-inch tall white candles from the seasonal department SKU# 884854
48’ of Gold Bead Garland
12 Piece Gold Bell Ornaments SKU#3846601747

Demonstration 3: Allen decorates using the mantel from the Rustic Collection.

Shopping List:
(6) 11-inch H Bisque Battery Operated Drip Taper Candle, SKU #1000007283
Silver Tree Skirt
48’ of Silver Gold Bead Garland
Home Decorators Collection 18.5-inch H Flower Cuff Glitter Burlap Stocking
Home Decorators Collection 8-inch H Champagne Pointed Star Stocking Holder

Demonstration 3: Allen uses a snowflake from his Chocolate and Spice Collection to decorate a window.

Shopping List:
(2)Window Hangers
(2)Strands of 20 LED Battery Operated Lights
Staples to attach lights securely.
Wire to hang the wreath on the hangers.

Demonstration 4: Allen decorates the front door using a wreath from the Classic Collection.

Tip: Once greenery is cut it will begin to dry out. To make the freshness last longer, re-cut the stems and soak the greenery in water overnight or spray the greenery with an anti-transpirant.

Shopping List:
(6) Strands of 20 LED Battery Operated Lights
8 feet of Sisal Rope
12 Piece Gold Bell Ornaments
(6) Red Apples (6) Green Apples
(30) Pipe Cleaners
(30) Cinnamon Sticks

Demonstration 5: Allen decorates the front door and a table using a garland from the Classic Collection.

Tip: The smaller the apples the better. Mix red and green apples and place in clusters along the garland for a visually interesting tablescape.

Shopping List:
62 Feet of Garland
(25) Green Apples
(25) Red Apples (50)Cinnamon Sticks
(1) Package of Floral Wire with Sticks
(30) Pipe Cleaners 20 Feet of Sisal Rope

Demonstration 6: Allen decorates a spiral evergreen in a pot using a wreath from the Rustic Collection.

Shopping List:
48 Piece Gold Pinecone
LED Lights
Floral wire to attach pinecones.

Miscellaneous items needed:
Stepping Stool
Thin Wire
Zip Ties (dark color)

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