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A search of the word upcycle on Pinterest is evidence of how we are all looking for ways to get more out of what we have on hand. From pallet outdoor furniture to light bulb terrariums the Internet is richly populated with ideas on how to repurpose, reuse and recycle. One trend that I particularly like is recasting objects for container gardens and cut flowers. It’s a great way to save a buck while adding a personal touch that you might not find with standard pots and vases.

creative garden container

The friendly mini-petunia-sized blossoms of Superbells® Red calibrachoa bubble out from the tops of an old cast-iron grate.

creative garden container

A canvas bag serves as a holder for cut boughs of sumac. The key to arranging branches in a porous holder is to bundle the stems of the plants together, stick them into a block of floral foam, and place the foam is a plastic watertight bag. Fill the bag with enough water to cover the foam before sealing with a heavy-duty rubber band. The water in the bag will keep the plants fresh and the floral foam will help keep the stems from piercing the bag. To add more water, loosen the rubber band and use a turkey baster to replenish the plastic bag.

creative garden container

Turning a serving dish into a planter is a creative way to repurpose cracked pottery or china. If the container is large enough to accommodate the potted plant, great! If not, transfer the plant and soil to a plastic baggie with a few holes in the bottom, add some gravel to the bottom of the pot, and add the bagged plant. Perennials such as the hellebore pictured here can be transplanted into the garden.

creative garden container

How fun is this metal couch turned potted bench? The cushion is replaced with a simple wood box planted with meadow grass. A board is attached to the back of the bench and outfitted with pot holders.

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