Cool Color Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are a great way to add a punch of color to your porch or patio. They also help you maximize all the space available to you. This may be especially important if you have a small garden.

The recipe for this container incorporates cordyline, one of my favorites for adding a spiky element to container gardens. Magenta, burgundy and blue combine to create a cool color combination that is perfect for the partially shaded areas in your garden.

If you can't find these specific plants in your area, just follow the color and form guidelines associated with each plant in the list.

Hanging BasketIngredients:
(2) 'Red Sensation' Cordyline
(burgundy, spiky)
(3) 'Neon Cherry' ivy geranium
(magenta, cascading)
(2) variegated flax
(green and white, grass like)
(2) variegated plectranthus
(green and white, cascading)
(2) 'Swinging Linda' Coleus
(burgundy center with magenta edges, cascading)
(2) 'Molten Lava' Coleus
(burgundy center with red edges, cascading)
(2) 'Summer Wave Blue' Torenia
(solid blue, cascading)

Hanging Basket Detail This design is planted in a wire frame basket lined with sheet moss. Not only is the container attractive, but the drainage is superb, an essential ingredient for outstanding displays.

If you plan on using sphagnum or sheet moss, soak the lining material first to make it easier to work with. It is also a good idea to wear gloves when working with these materials. Starting at the bottom, stuff the moss between the basket's wires until you have covered the interior.

Next add a piece of dark green, plastic garbage bag with holes poked through it for drainage. This helps hold in the potting soil.

Now fill the basket with potting soil to within one inch of the top. If it hasn't already been added to your packaged soil, mix in some slow release fertilizer as you add the soil. Follow package directions for the proper amount.

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