Allen with a Christmas TreeIn the world of symbolism, few flowers have been more inaccurately labeled than the cyclamen. Traditionally this petite bloom symbolizes timidness, but I have never found it to be faint-hearted. Enduring and prolific, it is one of my favorite flowering plants to use in my home during winter.

Lately, I've even taken to using cyclamen as cut flowers. I find that three to five stems in a small vase makes a dainty display perfect for a night stand in a guest bedroom. For a more unusual look I remove the entire plant from the pot, wash the roots and place it in a water filled, clear vase so that the roots are visible below the leaves and flowers.

If you use a cyclamen as a potted plant there are a few tips you may want to follow to help keep it fresh and vibrant. First, don't let them dry out because they never fully recover. And when it comes to light, cyclamen prefer indirect light. Full sun is hard on their leaves and blooms.

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