Decorating with Children for the Holidays

The holidays are a magical time for children, so why not usher in that magic by helping them decorate their bedrooms or playrooms for Christmas!

Fresh greenery is a beautiful addition to any room, but you can make it a little more casual with kid-centric decorating pieces. You can add a touch of whimsy in the way of a candy cane form or a snow flake from my Holiday Collection , and then personalize it by working some fun, rustic pieces like wooden ornaments into the greenery. These pieces can be found at any local craft store, and easily connected to the greenery with a bit of craft wire. The great thing about going with a neutral theme is that it will work with any color scheme or décor in your home. The thing to keep in mind during the holidays is just to have some fun with this! Let your kids use their imagination to make a holiday decoration that they’ll remember for years to come.

You can purchase the the Rustic Collection that is featured in the video at The Collection is also available at independent garden centers across the country and Reasor's in northeast Oklahoma.

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