Dried Celosia Wreath

Celosia WreathI love to bring the beauty of the garden inside by creating dried floral arrangements. If you don't have your own flowers, you may want to see if a generous neighbor or friend has some blossoms to spare, or visit a local farmer's market, grocery store or floral shop.

Be sure to select flowers with large bloom sizes to create visual impact, as well as medium to small blooms as soft fillers. For this wreath, I used dried celosia or cockscomb. If these aren't available in your area, improvise with flowers you can find. Globe amaranth and statice are also good candidates.

Craft stores are good sources for predried flowers, and they'll also have the floral U pins, green floral tape, Styrofoam wreath and one yard of wide ribbon needed to make this lasting wreath.


  • bundles of dried celosia
  • floral tape
  • mall foam wreath (12" works well for this project)
  • floral staples
  • pruners or strong scissors



  1. Choose a Styrofoam wreath sized for the display location, and gather flowers and other supplies.
  2. Pinning Celosia BundlesCut the flower stems so they're 1 inch long. Then bind 2 to 3 of the smaller flowers together with floral tape to make flower bundles. The larger blooms can be pinned in singles.
  3. Pin the larger blooms to the wreath with your floral U pins, arranging them so that all the stems are pointing in the same direction.
  4. Fill in the gaps with the bundles of smaller flowers.
  5. To hang the wreath, add a 1-yard loop of wide ribbon tied in a bow.
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