Early Rose Blooms

This year the roses have been exceptionally bountiful and early too! Thanks to the unusually warm weather some varieties started showing color in mid-March. I wish this meant several extra weeks of blooms, but I?m afraid it just signals a very short spring.

Roses in Bloom in My Garden

'Russell's Cottage'

'New Dawn'

  • 'Russell's Cottage' (Russelliana) - Although this rose only blooms once, but it's a show stopping display of cerise blooms. And the fragrance is just heavenly. It's such an exuberant grower it has literally grown up into the branches of an overhead elm tree. Hybrid Multiflora, 1840, 10 - 20 feet depending on climate, zones 5 - 9, fragrant, fully double, small flowers of crimson-purple in clusters.
  • 'New Dawn' - 'New Dawn' rose is second only to my blue shirt in being a personal signature. I tell anyone who will listen that it is a must have for their garden. Pale pink blooms appear all summer. Climber, 1930, 12 -20 feet, zones 5 - 9, fragrant, pale pink blooms maturing to cream.
  • 'LaMarque' - I have trained this rose over the door to my chicken house. It receives morning sun, but is shaded in the afternoon yet it blooms profusely, sometimes well into December. Noisette, 1830, 12 - 20 feet, zones 7 - 9, fragrant, pale cream blooms.
  • 'Collette' - Grown as a large shrub or as a climber, 'Collette' will add luscious salmon blooms and an intoxicating fragrance to your garden all summer long. Climber, 12 feet, zones 7 - 9, fragrant, salmon fully double blooms.
  • 'Caldwell Pink' - This rose will reward you with non-stop pink flowers on a compact shrub. It requires little maintenance and will thrive in just about any soil. Found, Unknown Date of Origin, 3 - 4 feet, zones 6- 9, medium pink.
  • 'White Meidiland' - Planted in my shade garden, 'White Meidiland' is a strong bloomer even without the prerequisite 6 hours of direct sunlight. Used either as a ground cover or trained to grow on a trellis, this rose reliably produces bouquets of petite white blooms in spring and again in the fall. Ground cover rose, 6 feet, zones 5 - 9, clusters of small fully double white blooms.


'Caldwell Pink'

'White Meidiland'
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