Easy, Colorful Annuals

A great way to add color to your garden is to load up a container with plants of all one variety and colorful annuals can really pack a punch when it comes to decorating the garden during the warm months. Supertunia Bubblegum

One petunia that just knocked me out when I first saw it is called 'Supertunia Vista Bubblegum' and boy, is that a fitting name. The mature plants grow to about 24 inches especially if you feed them well all summer long. If you grow this petunia in a container use a liquid fertilizer every time you water. If growing them in the garden then every 5 to 7 days is plenty. Intensia Cabernet

'Intensia® Cabernet' phlox is smaller than traditional phlox but doesn't lack pizzazz in the color department. Fuchsia blooms, a favorite color of butterflies, cover the plant from spring to fall. Because it is a proven performer during the dog days of summer it's a great choice for regions with high humidity and heat. Superbells Red

If red's your thing then consider calibrachoa 'Superbells® Red'. This variety of calibrachoa is self-cleaning and self-branching. This means no more need to remove faded blooms or pinch back stems to produce a fuller plant. If you want to mix things up, you can combine this red with orange, purple and golden yellow. Angelface Pink

A drift of angelonia 'Angelface® Pink' will really impress your guests. The huge pink blooms of this angelonia don't need staking because the stems are extra sturdy. I must confess that I when I first saw 'Angelface® Pink' I had a touch of plant envy... I'm sure your guests will too. Dolce Key Lime Pie

If you've ever grown heuchera you know that sometimes good foliage is about all these plants have to offer-so I was really knocked out by 'Dolce™ Key Lime Pie'. The bright chartreuse leaves are what first caught my eye and then I discovered that this heuchera is also very floriferous. Hefty spires of tiny peach bell shaped blooms are produced in spring and again in late summer.

Another fun and colorful idea is to match plants to the fabrics and furnishings you are using. A vivid tablecloth, for example, can lead the charge. Maybe the cushions in your outdoor seats inspire you at the garden center... or perhaps you have painted chairs wild colors, like these pink chairs I saw on a front porch.

Whatever your inspiration, grab it and go for it! You're sure to find a colorful plant to fit any color theme.

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