Easy Summer Trio

This container garden design is easy to put together and even easier to maintain!

One way to beat the heat is to select plants for your containers that can take the high temperatures and dry weather typical of the middle of summer. This trio of containers couldn’t be easier to pot up and I just love the contrasting textures. The torenia might require a little more hand holding than the switch grass and dusty miller, but the continuous blooms this plant produces makes the little care it requires well worth it. By using a potting soil that includes slow release fertilizer and water retentive polymers, you’ll help the torenia along. Both dusty miller and switch grass are quite drought tolerant.

The simple containers used in this arrangement look elegant in any setting and are a nice contrast to the textures and colors of the plants. You can match the look by choosing one egg cup shaped container and two square containers in a granite finish.

This container garden design will thrive in full sun to partial shade.

Summer Container Trio

(3) dark colored containers in various shapes
(2) 1 gallon Dusty Miller (Centaurea gymnocarpa)
(1) 3 gallon Panicum ‘Prairie Sky’
(4) quart Torenia, dark blue

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