Easy Window Box

Easy WindowboxOne easy way to frame a favorite view from a window is to add a window box filled with colorful annuals. Brackets support a 2-by-12 inch board cut to match the window's width. Three holes sized to hold terra cotta pots allow you to easily change the containers through the season.


  • Four foot 2 x 12 board
  • Drill with both screw bit and drill bit
  • Wood screws
  • Stain or paint
  • Three 10-inch terra cotta pots
  • Jig saw
  • Four foot 1 x 4 board



  1. Windowbox PiecesIt's basically four pieces of wood. The top board, two brackets and a back board to attach it to the wall and of course, three clay pots.
  2. To put this together, start with the top. Used a two inch by twelve inch board that is four feet long.
  3. Cut out three holes just large enough for a ten inch clay pot to drop in. The collar or the lip of the pot holds the pot in place.
  4. To cut the hole, start with a drill and then use a jig saw to finish it off.
  5. The brackets are made from a piece of the two by twelve board and they're connected by a one by four board that runs across the back. This is important because this board is what you'll use to mount the window box to the house.
  6. Pot Sitting in Windowbox
  7. I like to use wood screws in assembling these because it keeps the wood from splitting.
  8. You can put a sealer on the window box or even paint it.
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