Edamame is Coming to Arkansas

Do you know where your edamame comes from? Before long the edamame you eat might just come from my home state of Arkansas. We've got a new edamame processing facility coming to Mulberry, a city just a few hours northwest of the Garden Home. Imagine that! Locally produced edamame!

Arkansas is big on soybeans. We're one of the top ten producing states in the country so growing edamame (aka vegetable soybeans) isn't a big leap for our farmers. Vegetable soybeans are in the same family as the traditional or grain soybean, but have a few differences. Vegetable soybeans are harvested green while traditional soybeans are left on the plant to dry. The beans are larger with a creamier texture. And then there's that mild, nutty flavor that makes edamame so good.

Edamame PodsMy favorite way to eat edamame is steamed, covered in salt with a ice cold glass of sweet tea. But it's also good prepared with Italian seasoning and Parmesan or spiced up with red pepper flakes and garlic. Heck, you can even make edamame hummus.And boy is it good for you. Edamame has it all - antioxidants, complete protein, fiber, vitamins C, B, E and minerals. Dieting? Eat edamame as an in between meal snack. All the fiber will help you feel full without a lot of calories.

I'm excited that the edamame is coming to Arkansas. It's a tasty, healthy food that I enjoy and now I can get it from a local source.

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