Fragrant Pot of Lavender


What I love about Lavender 'Provence' is the incredible bloom that appears in summer. The foliage is incredibly aromatic, but the blooms, well, they are just off the scent charts. Honeybees love the nectar and lavender honey is very sought after.

'Provence' performs best in really well drained soil. My garden soil is heavy clay so I amend the soil with lots of sand to improve the drainage. If you don't want to plant lavender in the ground, try growing it in a container. It's even easier to get the soil mix right in a pot.

I did this several years ago. I put 3 plants in a 24-inch terra cotta pot. As the plants grew together, which was up to about 24-inches tall it looked like one giant plant. Very dramatic.

If you don't have room to plant a beautiful field of lavender like we've seen in postcards of Provence, France, take a little Provence, France and place it on your patio by just planting three lavenders in a container. You'll be glad you did it.

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