Garden Anywhere: Knock Out® Family of Roses

If you are a gardener who prefers roses that are easy to care for and seem to never stop blooming, look no further than the Knock Out® Family of Roses!

This Garden Anywhere eBook from P. Allen Smith gives you the low down on each of the varieties in the Knock Out® Family of Roses, plant and care information, a container garden recipe and a list of companion plants that make good bed fellows for roses.

Load it into your favorite eReader. It's FREE!

Garden Home to Go is available in three formats

  • EPUB – This version is read by most readers including Nook, iBooks, Sony Reader, and many more.
  • MOBI – The MOBI version is another common format. If you have an Amazon Kindle, you will need this version.
  • PDF – If you don't own a reader, but still want to read Garden Home to Go, you can download the PDF version
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