Garlic Health Benefits

There's a lot more in a clove of garlic than seasoning for your favorite Italian dish. Recently, it's been discovered that garlic has some very impressive health benefits

I asked an expert in the field, Dr. Varro E. Tyler if garlic really works?

Dr. Varro Tyler: Garlic works. Garlic has been well established as an agent that reduces blood lipids, that is cholesterol, tri-glycerides in the blood. These studies have been done not only in Europe, but in American medical schools. So, if you take garlic in a satisfactory form, it can reduce the cholesterol about ten percent and the tri-glycerides about fifteen percent.

Allen: Garlic has quite a reputation for having a strong odor. So, how should it be taken for the best results?

Dr. Tyler: It has to be either consumed raw or in a powdered, dried state that reaches the small intestine where the active principle is released and absorbed. The dried state is the better way to take it if you're not interested in having garlic breath.

Garlic has been used for medicinal purposes for a long time. In fact, there's a story from France about four thieves that robbed the graves of plague victims. But they didn't seem to get the disease, and it was discovered that they ate garlic every day that had been soaked in vinegar. And this concoction became known as "Four Thieves Vinegar."

If you've been avoiding garlic because your afraid it'll reduce the number of your friends, try the pill form. After all, they've taken the strong odor out and left all the things that are good for us in.

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Norma Iris

by Norma5Star on May 8, 2014 01:49
It is true. I have been taking raw garlic since 2006 after I had an eyelid soar that would not heal. I remember going to bed worried, and a thought came to me to eat garlic. I wrote this down and went back to bed, and the next day went to the supermarket and bought a small bag of garlic, a mortar and pistil. Within a week the soar was healing and my energy level went up. After a few more days I noticed that I was not so tired and still full of energy that I was able to read a little later into the night. I am still taking garlic everyday with lunch and evening meals and my disabled mother too.

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