Greenhouse 101 with Andrew Cook: Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Andrew Cook of European Garden grew up in Holland and is very familiar with the usefulness of greenhouses.  When I ordered my greenhouses, Andrew was kind enough to come along and help with the installation.  Here is an excerpt from our conversation about the greenhouse I selected for my garden.

Allen Smith: Now, you know, Andrew, this particular type of greenhouse has an interesting material – a polycarbonate. Why is it so ideal for greenhouses?

Andrew Cook, European Garden: This particular one is a twin wall polycarbonate, so it is like an insulated window, a double-pane window, and that's sort of the new standard in the industry now.

The old greenhouses were all glass, and for the commercial growers that may be cheaper than the twin wall polycarbonate, but for a homeowner, a hobby greenhouse is much better off with the twin wall polycarbonate.

Allen Smith: So, it provides an insulation factor.

Andrew Cook: correct. Absolutely. Much better.

Allen Smith: Are there certain things one should keep in mind in sighting a greenhouse on your property?

Andrew Cook: Some protection is required -- a natural fence, barriers, tree lines.  We recommend having it somewhere near the side of a house or something like that.

Allen Smith: One of the things I like about what we did here, using two large blocks and one small block, it actually elevated the greenhouse and made it feel larger.  Well, it is larger. It’s taller.

I have to tell you, as soon as you guys got this greenhouse finished, the timing couldn't have been better, because the temperatures dropped.  We got gravel down as a floor, and we moved the plants in immediately.  Come on in and see how everything is arranged.

Andrew Cook: It is wonderful. You did exactly what we would normally propose -- a set of shelves on one side, leave the other side open.

Allen: Yeah, larger plants on this side -- exactly. I mean, these are some of my babies that I carry over from year to year, like my citrus trees and things like that. See, that's the way to do it. Just keep them inside.

Andrew Cook: Absolutely.

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