Greenhouse 101 with Andrew Cook: Sighting Your Greenhouse

Andrew Cook of European Garden helped me with the installation of my greenhouse.  While he was here he shared some tips on where to place a greenhouse in the garden.

Allen: Are there certain things one should keep in mind when sighting a greenhouse on your property?

Andrew Cook: Oh absolutely. In a hobby greenhouse generally it is not the type of construction like a commercial greenhouse. So some protection is required. Natural fenced barriers, tree lines, things like that.

Allen: Here we have the garage, we have a hedge and fencing around this particular area.

Andrew Cook: This is very good. This is optimal but that is not normal. People might have a big yard but we recommend having it.  Near the side of a house, something like that. if you have it freestanding you'll have to do some extra. You need to make sure it’ll be well anchored in the ground.

Allen: The reason for this is to account for wind load I suppose.

Andrew Cook: Correct, but this particular shape already, is actually an onion shape without a shoulder, is designed to withstand far stronger wind gusts and winds than maybe a regular greenhouse that has a straight wall on the outside, because the wind just blows over these walls.

Allen: I see so there is an advantage to the shape, the curved wall that comes all the way down the wind can flow over it, it doesn’t become so much like a sail or a kite in the wind.

Andrew Cook: Very important, and it is in sighting the greenhouse it is important to always know if there is a strong wind direction or where the wind generally comes from to put the greenhouse such so the wind will flow over the roof and not against the front or the back. The wind always from the north then maybe you need to have your greenhouse stand from east to west.

Allen: Yes right, and then maybe even think of some sort of wind barrier, planting a hedge or something.

Andrew Cook: Always better. You have situations where that’s not so practical then you need to think of how you’re going to anchor it to the ground you have some options there with a base or you could put it on 4 by 4s and screw it on that. In this case concrete blocks for instance you can raise it on a concrete block put it on there. But it can’t be freestanding it does need to be anchored.

Allen: Otherwise it could blow into your neighbor’s yard!

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