Growing Stevia in Containers

Stevia & Dill Container

I grow lots of different kinds of herbs in containers. I have pots of chives, prostrate or creeping rosemary, lemon thyme, and oregano. One of my favorites is dill. It's beautiful in flower bouquets with its chartreuse blooms and glaucous gray foliage.

A new addition to my herb garden is stevia. It's an herb that comes from Paraguay and I find it very interesting because its leaves are so incredibly sweet. The other thing that is so fascinating about stevia is that you would think the bugs would love the sweet taste too, but I have had no problems with pests with it at all.

This herb will grow to about 24 inches tall and when you want to use it in teas or anything you want to sweeten, just come out in the garden and collect it.

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