Harvesting Greenery for the P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection

I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to the breathtaking Cascade Mountains in Oregon. While there I met up with Heidi Berry among some native evergreens that are being used to make the P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection greenery. Heidi told me a little bit about the sustainable methods used to harvest the evergreen boughs. Here are a few highlights from our conversation.

The greenery used for the P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection is harvested from Noble Fir trees growing in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. The trees are never cut down; boughs are clipped once a year. This annual pruning helps make the tree grow stronger.

There are about 350,000 acres of Christmas trees production in the U.S. This employs over 100,000 people full or part time†. While they are growing, Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.

† National Christmas Tree Association

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