Herbs as Cut Flowers

How about a flower arrangement that will do more than sit around and look pretty all day? With the addition of a few aromatic herbs your bouquets can help around the house by repelling pests and freshening the air. It's a time honored tradition that is still useful today.

Here are some of my favorite herbs I use:


The glossy green leaves make a good filler for cut flowers and the spiky blooms add texture. The spicy scent repels houseflies.

Pineapple Sage

A late summer bloomer, these flowers can be used to add their bright color and subtle fruity fragrance to autumn arrangements. The bright green leaves and red flowers look great combined with purple.


Sprigs of rosemary create a dark green backdrop to complement showier flowers such as roses. The clean, alpine scent is invigorating.

Bee Balm

Bee balm has an exceptionally long vase life. Depending on the variety the blooms are pink, red, purple or white. Lemon bergamot, a variety of bee balm, has lemon scented leaves.


Dill's feathery foliage and lacy flowers are a nice alternative to baby's breath in flower arrangements. As you can imagine the fragrance is quite "foodie" so I like to place a bouquet in the kitchen to stimulate the appetite. Dwarf varieties such as 'Fernleaf' are a good size to use in arrangements.


A few fresh sprigs of lavender placed in a small vase is really simple and very effective. It's a relaxing scent perfect for bed and bath rooms.


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