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Homestead MagazineHomestead magazine is John Deere Tractor’s publication for the farming and ruralpolitan communities. 

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Issues come out each season.  Here are summaries of the topics I’ll cover in the Spring, Summer and Fall issues.

Spring 2009 "Poultry Palaces"
Get a look at some of the stylish and portable coops built to house the poultry at the Garden Home Retreat.  Featured are a turkey house on skids, a mobile chicken coop and a small Greek temple for bantams.

Summer 2009 "Not a Drop to Spare"
Water is a premium resource at the Garden Home Retreat where in-ground wells and rain are the only sources.    Learn about the rain water harvesting system and water wise techniques used at the farm.

Fall 2009 "Homestead Design 101"
Whether it is constructing a new home, fixing up an old barn, or laying out a fence line, the appearance of your farm is a reflection of your tastes and style.  Learn how to apply lessons learned at the Garden Home Retreat to your farmstead.

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