Kid's Project: Seed Box

Spend an afternoon with your kids creating a personalized seed box that they can give as a gift or keep for storing their flower and vegetable seeds.  It’s a great way to introduce them to gardening.

Wooden recipe box (available at craft stores for about $8)
Acrylic paint
Craft glue
Items for decorating the box such as appliqués, fabric flowers, glitter pens, foam flowers

Child Making a Seed Box Mother and Child Gluing Ribbon to Seed Box Child Holding Up Finished Seed Box
Paint the wooden recipe box.

Allow the box to dry overnight.   

After the paint has dried add some colorful ribbon borders using craft glue.  Kids may need a helping hand with this – one of you can hold the ribbon while the other to glues it down. 

Now for the fun part, adding all of the decorative elements.  Use fabric appliqués, foam letters, glitter pens, and fabric flowers to personalize the seed box.  Just about anything will work so be creative and have fun.

Finally fill the seed box with seed packets. 

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