Making the P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection

I recently took a trip to Oregon to see the beautiful Cascade Mountains and to visit with Heidi Berry of the Berry Family of Nurseries. The Berry Family are making the greenery pieces in my Holiday Collection. I wanted to find out what's involved in making the items in my collection.

Heidi and I toured the workshop where the greenery is assembled. One thing I'm proud of about the Collection is that every piece is hand tied versus machine-made. A 20-inch Noble Fir wreath without any embellishment weighs about 3 pounds. And it looks good at any angle.

The aspect I'm excited about is that everything's used. We're not wasting anything. Material that isn't used is composted and incorporated in the nursery mix.

I also like that the Noble Fir boughs are sustainably harvested. Just the tips are removed and the trees are left to keep on growing.

Of course what I find most appealing is the fragrance of the evergreens. To me it signals the official kick off of the holidays!

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