Mosaic Entry Pad

If you want to give texture, pattern and rhythm a try in your garden, here's a project you'll be interested in. I created an entry pad into my garden using stone, bricks and river rocks as well as concrete and grout. It's the perfect way to accent an entrance into a cottage style garden.


  • 2-inch x 4-inch lumber pieces cut to fit the interior perimeter of you entry pad
  • Shovel
  • Ready mix bags of concrete
  • River rocks
  • Bricks
  • Stones
  • Level and leveling tools
  • Masonry trowel

Special grout mix:(For River Rock, Stone & Brick)

  • 1 part portland cement (1 bag)
  • 1 part masonry cement (1 bag)
  • 2 parts sand (15 scoops)

For stones and brick mix special grout mix to the consistence of cake batter. For river rock mix to the consistency of cookie dough.

Digging Out The Area Concrete and Stone Edge Adding Rocks Mixed Entry Pad


  1. Start by digging out an area about 6 inches deep. Then place the 2 by 4 boards around the inside walls of have the area you have dug out. This will hold the concrete in place. Keep in mind that ready mix bags of concrete are available at hardware stores or home improvement centers.

  2. Once you pour the concrete into the hole, level it out so that it is about 2 inches deep, leaving 4 inches of space for you to add your stones and bricks so that they will be flush with the ground once the pad is complete.

  3. Allow the concrete to sit overnight.

  4. Next remove the 2-inch x 4-inch boards.

  5. Now it is time to place the bricks and stone. Begin by placing a layer of grout down for your stone border. Set the stone and grout in between.

  6. Next create a pattern with your bricks. Secure with grout.

  7. Allow these elements to sit overnight and then fill the remaining spaces with river rocks and grout.

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