Moving Houseplants Outdoors

All of us need a change from time to time and our houseplants are certainly no exception. When the season begins to change with longer days and milder temperatures it's a perfect opportunity for our houseplants to enjoy a change of scenery by moving them outdoors.

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40 year old plant

by Sue Bell on May 1, 2009 08:52
My sister gave me a small plant that was from my grandmothers 40 year old plant. I did'nt want to take it as I am no good with these kinds of plants. I believe it is a Begonia of some sort. It gets tinny pink flowers. Anyway it was 12" when I got it a year in 1/2 ago. I was afraid to take it in fear I would kill the darn thing. I call it the Nanny plant since it was my grandmothers at one time and she is long gone. I am proud to say I have three plants out of the one I was given . And the plant that was once 12" tall is almost up to my celling. It is so hard to believe that I have luck with this plant . I am so happy that is is growning so well. So I guess I don't have a brown thumb after all :-) Sue Bell

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