Garden Style: Critters

Broadcasting the week of 01-14-13
This episode of P. Allen Smith Gardens is all about critters. We’re going to talk about the ones we’d rather not have around and those we want to attract to our gardens. We’ll visit the butterfly festival in Paris, Arkansas, check in on our bluebird family and learn how to make a hummingbird feeder from a bottle.

Featured Plants

Supertunia® Pretty Much Picasso - This is one of those flowers that everyone will ask you about. Hot pink blooms edged in chartreuse are borne on robust plants.
Annual except in zones 10 and 11; full sun; trailing habit; 8 – 12 inches tall.

Features in this Episode

DIY Hummingbird Feeder and Sugar Water
Attract hummingbirds to your garden with a feeder made from a glass drinking bottle. Read the instructions.

Butterfly Garden
This container garden filled with herbs will provide seasonings for you and food for butterflies. Watch the video.

Beneficial Insects
One way to combat garden pests is with other insects. For instance, lady bugs are an excellent weapon in the battle against aphids. Read about beneficial insects.

Allen's Mailbox: Bluebird Boxes
Julia from St. Louis asks about attracting bluebirds to her garden. One way is to place a bluebird box in an open space in your yard. Here are instructions for building a bluebird box and other bluebird tips.

People and Places

The altitude and landscape of Mount Magazine State Park in Paris, Arkansas is the perfect location for butterflies. Linda Hickson tells us all about the annual Butterfly Festival held at Mount Magazine.

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