Garden Style: Gardening with Kids

Broadcasting the week of 01-21-13
It's a show all about getting kids interested in gardening! Learn about a family friendly daffodil festival in Camden, Arkansas; a fun herb garden project; how to start seedlings and try a recipe from the Menasha Hunting and Fishing Club.

Features in this Episode

Growing Herbs with Kids
Herbs are ideal for children because they are easy to grow and kids can use them to make some of their favorite foods. With this project herbs are planted in colorful pails. Get the instructions.

Kid Friendly Seed Sowing Project
Seeds are a great way to get kids excited about gardening. Radishes are a good choice because they sprout so quickly. You can even grow then in a container. Watch a video about sowing seeds with kids.

Allen's Mailbox: The Bonnie Third Grade Cabbage Program
Bonnie Plants gives out over 1.5 million cabbage plants to students every year to grow in their gardens and compete for the best cabbage in their class. The winners receive a $1,000 scholarship.See Jaime Culpepper discuss the program.

Garden to Table: Menasha Cole Slaw
Cole slaw is the preferred side for many of my favorite southern foods – BBQ, fried catfish, po-boys. This version includes sweet onions, carrots and sunflowers seeds. Get the recipe.

People and Places

An Arkansas resident tells us all about the Camden Daffodil Festival.

The Duggar family of the tv show 19 Kids and Counting visits the Garden Home to pick daffodils and learn a little bit about planting vegetables.

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An Arkansas resident tells us all about the Camden Daffodil Festival - Roxane Daniel

by Amandawunnenberg on February 23, 2013 10:39
I understand this interview has been running in Alabama. Is there a way we can get it shown at the Camden Daffodil Festival since this is our 20th year and Roxane just recently died. Also, we would love for it to air in the Dallas area and the Shreveport area immediately! In the past they have been good supporters for the festival. It is March 8th and 9th this year. Love this site and all the useful information on it! ATW

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