Raising Chickens - Which Breed is Right for You?

ChickenIt didn't take me long to realize that each breed of chicken has its own temperament and personality.  Whether you are choosing a breed for meat, eggs or both, or just looking for their 'ornamental assets', there are some things you should consider.  First, all hens lay eggs, you do not need a rooster present.  And except for the Ameraucana's and Araucana's they will lay either white or brown eggs.  There are standard chickens and there are bantams (also called bantys), which are smaller sized varieties of chickens.  The space you have to devote to raising chickens may determine whether you want a large breed or a bantam.  Bantams are great for smaller yards as their diminutive size allows more birds in a given area than standard breeds.  Keep in mind, a chicken requires 3 – 5 square feet per bird.  If children will be helping you raise your chickens, select a breed that is wild and wacky looking yet calm and gentle in temperment such as silkies, cochins, houdans or orpingtons.

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Americauna Poultry

by Chicken Woman on February 2, 2014 11:16
They DO NOT lay white or brown eggs. They lay Blue or Green or somwhere between the blue and green but NOT white or brown. They are a very kind and gentle bird that are great for small farms and are great for 4-H and children. Please edit your information about the Americauna breed.

Which breed has the most docile rooster?

by dr_tao on December 13, 2013 11:06
I plan to start raising chickens next year, and was wondering what breed of rooster (if any) has the best tempermant? Growing up my mother always had Rhode Island Red roosters, and I have horrific memories of getting pinned and attacked by those monsters! I don\'t want to watch my back everytime I go outside.

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