Rose Garden at the Garden Home Retreat

Currently under construction, the Garden Home Retreat Rose Garden will feature a large collection of noisettes, varieties from the Knock Out® Family of Roses and Drift® ground cover roses. Nestled among the trees along the banks of the Arkansas River, the rose garden will have several intimate spaces within its 18,000 square feet. A hand-forged wrought-iron gate will mark the southern entry, and the entire oval-shaped garden will be circled by an allée of pleached live oak trees. Brick garden houses will grace the eastern and western ends of the garden, and rose-filled parterres and pathways will flank reflecting pools. Adjacent to the entrance gate, and across the central lawn, a third, octagonal brick garden house will house an antique statue of a Roman goddess. Other stone statuary, urns and antique garden ornaments will be found scattered throughout the garden and surrounding woodland. We think it will be hopelessly old-fashioned and romantic, don't you?

Rose Garden Plan

Rose Garden Design Tips from P. Allen Smith and Associates

  • When planting large drifts of roses, use two shades of the same color rose. It's easier on the eyes than a huge splotch of one color.
  • Always learn a rose's cultural requirements. With a little research, you can avoid the heartache of an ill-fated affair.
  • Compliment and conceal with companion plants. We like to use shrub roses in our perennial beds and mix climbers with gentle vines like clematis. Of course you will want to use flattering colors, textures and habits, but also think about what can take the stage while your roses are between bloom cycles or dormant in winter.
  • Install trellises so that they detach at the top and hinge at the bottom, like a Murphy bed. Your climbers will fare a little better when it's time to paint the house.
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