Ruth Knopf and Noisette Roses

P. Allen Smith and Rosarina Ruth KnopfAntique rose expert Ruth Knopf designed the rose gardens at the 17th century plantation, Boone Hall. Ruth and I discuss the noisettes, an old-fashioned rose beloved by Charlestonians and for good reason!

Allen: The first American class of rose was established here, wasn't it?

Ruth Knopf, Rose Expert, Charleston, South Carolina: That's true. There was a plantation owner, benefactor, by the name of John Champneys and he loved flowers, had a wonderful garden, and he crossed what we believe is the old 'Musk Rose', the one that Shakespeare wrote about, with 'Old Bush', a repeat blooming rose that came from China. It's a smaller clustering rose that repeat blooms.

Allen: Now, Mr. Champneys actually ended up having one of these roses named for him, didn't he?

Ruth: Yes, we believe that was one of the first ones that he hybridized and it was chosen as 'Champney's Pink Cluster'.

Allen: Of course, one of the great qualities of the Noisette class of roses is that they are repeat bloomers.

Ruth: That's true.

Allen: Now, show me some of the Noisettes that we have in this beautiful bouquet.

P. Allen Smith and Rosarina Ruth Knopf
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Ruth: Well, I actually have one here.

Allen: Oh yes, look at that. Now is that 'Blush Noisette'?

Ruth: This is one that is a found one that I call 'Blush Noisette Type'.

Allen: Yes.

Ruth: And it has fatter buds. You see?

Allen: Look at all of the buds around one bloom.

Ruth: And it's just getting ready to burst into bloom.

Allen: Ruth this is one I recognize from the catalogues, is this 'Crepuscule'?

Ruth: Yes it is, we have this growing as a pillar rose in the garden, actually two pillar roses in the garden, and it's one that's easy to contain and makes a wonderful show, it repeat blooms so much.

Allen: It's an incredible color.

Ruth: It's a wonderful; I've seen it in gardens in Australia, New Zealand, different countries.

Allen: Really? So, the Noisettes have traveled wide and far.

Ruth: They really have.

Allen: Do you encourage first time gardeners to plant old fashioned roses in their gardens?

Ruth: Of course, that's the most important thing to plant! And you don't have to worry about growing roses. So many people that I talk to say, "Oh, you must really have a green thumb, I could never grow roses." But actually they are just like any other plant.

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