Set an Elegant Table for Christmas Without the Stress

Setting a table for a holiday meal is always more fun when I can mix things up a bit. I like to rely on classic themes with the added bonus of modern-day conveniences. With just a little prior planning, you can turn your typical holiday table setting into something quite beautiful.

To begin with, I use a traditional color palette like white, red and green for Christmas and then accent this with hints of gold throughout the table arrangement. I try not to go overboard- a holiday table is usually quite crowded anyway, so I try to bring the element of style through things that would naturally be on the table- the plates, candles, and centerpiece. Then, I implement small-space but big-impact items like taper candles and ribbons.

I'm usually short on time when it comes to preparing a holiday meal, so to save time and effort I use pre-arranged greenery from my Holiday Collection . I can move a piece from the mantel to the center of the table and then bookmark the piece with baskets of greenery that would traditionally be used on a smaller table. Accented with pinecones, holly and red berries, these Noble Fir holiday pieces add a natural elegance to your table. And beyond the ease of using pre-arranged greenery, these pieces are also incredibly aromatic and blend well with the scents of a holiday meal.

To round out the theme, I like to position a few votive candles amidst the greenery and place a wide ribbon in my color palette underneath each plate. Name cards with gold writing are an elegant touch, as are holly berry plate-toppers. The main idea here, though, is to mix up a conventional theme so that you can enjoy your friends and family during the holidays.

You can purchase the Colonial, Chocolate & Spice, Williamsburg, Lodge, and Classic Collections online at and the Rustic Collection at The Collection is also available at independent garden centers across the country and Reasor's in northeast Oklahoma.


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