Terra Cotta Plant Markers

My all-time favorite material for garden containers is terra cotta. It’s a classic that works in every setting. A well-made terra cotta pot is pretty durable, but it will break if you drop it. And if you are a butter fingers like me, this happens at least once a growing season.

When I break a pot I save the shards for using in the garden. I particularly like to use them for plant markers. The terra cotta has a natural look that doesn’t pop out and liter the landscape. The writing will last a full season so they are good for vegetables, herbs and annuals.


  • Broken Terra Cotta Pieces
  • Paper Towels
  • Water
  • Water Proof Permanent Marker


Terra Cotta Plant Marker

Directions for Making a Terra Cotta Plant Maker:

Wipe down the terra cotta with a damp paper towel to remove all the dirt.

Write the name of the plant on the clean terra cotta with a permanent maker.

Place the maker by the plant.

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