TreegatorIt has been hot and dry in my mid-south garden and I have to say that it will not sadden me to say goodbye to summer this year. I welcome the cooler temperatures and more plentiful rain that the change of season offers.

One thing that has saved my trees during this summer's drought is a little device call the Treegator. A Treegator is a drip irrigation bag made of heavy duty plastic. I purchased the Treegator Junior, which fits around the trunk of a tree in a C shape. The bag holds 14 gallons of water so I can fill it up and be on my way, then over the next 4 to 8 hours it slowly releases the water around the base of the tree. It has a been a life saver for the crape myrtles I planted at my office where there is no irrigation system.

There is also a larger Treegator that holds 20 gallons of water, it stands much taller than the Junior version, but it is a good choice for newly planted trees that don't have a low canopy. To learn more about the Treegator visit their website at

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