Trellis Privacy Screen

Trellis Privacy ScreenYou can divide areas and create a sense of enclosure even in the smallest of spaces. A simple grid trellis anchored in a pair of containers and planted with a quick-growing vine offers an easy solution with beautiful results. This idea is well suited for creating privacy and interest on a patio or roof garden.


  • (2) 24" terra cotta containers
  • (8) 6-foot 2 x 2's
  • (4) 4-foot 2 x 2's
  • Wood screws
  • Power screw driver
  • Wood stain (I used a dark stain that would blend in with the natural surroundings)
  • (4) PVC pieces of pipe (a 2 to 2 ½ inch pipe cut to about 8" long should work)
  • (2) 8-inch PVC pipe pieces to extend each terra cotta pot's drain hole
  • (2) bags quick drying concrete


  1. TrellisStart with (8) 6-foot 2 x 2's and (4) 4-foot 2 x 2's.
  2. Lay down the first row spacing each board a 1' apart. A pair of 6-foot 2 x 2's need to go on each end of the 4-foot 2 x 2's.
  3. For the second row fasten them 1' apart to the bottom row with wood screws.
  4. Treat this trellis with a wood stain.
  5. Slip 4 PVC pieces of pipe over each leg of the trellis - these will serve as sleeves. A 2 or 2 1/2 inch PVC pipe cut at about 8 inches should do the trick.
  6. Place the PVC ends of the trellis into terra cotta pots.
  7. Use an 8 inch piece of PVC pipe to extend the drain hole.
  8. Interior of PotMix up about 2 bags of concrete and shovel the concrete into the terra cotta containers just to the top of the PVC pipe extended drain hole.
  9. After the concrete dries fill the rest of the container with soil and plant a fast growing vine like Sweet Autumn clematis.
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Trellis Privacy Screen

by tdiraimo on April 20, 2013 06:37
I watch P. Allen Smith show every Saturday (6:00 a.m.). I live in East Tennessee. I just saw the directions on this website for building a trellis privacy screen. Fabulous! I have my back yard chain-length fenced in with neighbors all around me. I\'ve been trying to figure out an expensive, but \"natural\" way to \"screen in\" the area. I am going to go with P. Allen Smith\'s Trellis with plants for the circumference of my back yard. Thank you! Tana D., Kingston, TN

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