Update from the One Acre Vegetable Garden - July 2010

Summer's heat is here to stay, which means it's time to plant sweet potatoes. We're putting in four varieties – Centennial, Beauregard, Jewell and Puerto Rico. We are planting them among the summer squash so that as the last few squash are harvested and the plants are pulled a carpet of sweet potato vines will be revealed.

The hot, hot temps have left us trying to stay ahead of the spider mites. I'm not sure yet who is winning but perseverance usually pays off.

The tomatoes are receiving lavish attention and special grooming as we prepare for the Tale of Two Farms Heirloom Tomato Festival on July 24th.

More tomatoes and basil were recently planted for the fall crop.

The stone fruit orchard is almost complete. The hot weather came too quickly and we didn't get all the trees in. They will have to sit in their containers under the shady oaks until fall. Pumpkin vines are growing between the trees and blueberries we did get planted to act as living mulch.

Beauregard Sweet Potatoes That's it from the One Acre Garden this July. Traditionally August in Arkansas is hot and dry making maintenance and pest control a bear, but maybe we'll catch a break this year.

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