White And Gold Rose Bouquet

White roses and freesia from my local florist, a few clipped sprigs of variegated holly and cedar from my garden, and sparkling silver and gold icicle ornaments are all I needed to create this elegant arrangement in a white sugar bowl.

I used floral foam to help make the arrangement secure and give the bouquet a compact, mounded look. Simply cut a piece of floral foam to size, soak it in water for several hours or until saturated and then place it in your container. Insert the rose stems and freesia into the floral foam first and then fill in with sprigs of holly and Western cedar.


  • White Spray Roses
  • White Freesia
  • Variegated English Holly
  • Western Cedar
  • Gold Ice Cycle Ornaments
  • Glass Ice Cycle Ornaments
  • Gold Ball Ornaments (Optional)
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