Wine Cork Party Favor

Help your party guests remember your holiday get-together for months to come with a thoughtful and creative party favor. These wine cork herb markers are both decorative and useful, and they sure are easy to make.

5 wine corks (per guest)
5 wooden skewers (per guest)

On a smooth and un-labeled space on each cork, write the name of a different herb that grows in the garden. I used parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano, but you could also use basil, mint, chives, cilantro or any other herb.

Once it has dried, insert the skewer into one end of the cork. All of my corks had come from bottles that I had opened, so I placed the skewer into the end of the cork that already had a hole.

Tie the bunch of herb markers together with a festive ribbon and share with each of your guests.

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by BJD55 on February 14, 2013 02:01
. . . we\'ve been saving wine corks for years. This idea will give an \"oh wow\" factor when we entertain on our River Bank Dining Patio ... which is nearby my Wine & Friendship Garden. \'Spent\' wine bottles enjoyed with friends on the Dining Patio are turned upside down and \'planted\' as a border to a small garden space where I put bulbs/transplants from my friends\' gardens.

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