Faux Mercury Glass Challenge

I love DIY projects especially when you can upcycle something that’s an ordinary household object like a jelly jar. Just recently my friend and modern pioneer, Georgia Pellegrini, challenged me to add my own twist to a DIY project from her latest book Modern Pioneering.

When I saw her painted mason jars I thought, “What can I do to give these a little Moss Mountain Farm style?” And I came up with just the pioneer ordered, a stylish mercury glass look. You see in the mid-1800s in America mercury glass was used as an affordable alternative to silver. My version of Georgia’s project is an inexpensive and easy way to recreate this 19th century life hack.

Materials for Making Faux Mercury Glass
Clean mason jars
White Vinegar
Spray bottle
Paper towels
Looking Glass® spray paint

Directions for Making Faux Mercury Glass:
To begin fill the spray bottle with 1 part water and 1 water vinegar and shake.

Set the nozzle of the spray bottle to a fine mist setting.

Gently spray a fine mist of the water vinegar mixture on the outside of the mason jar. The objective is to create small droplets of water that bead up and do not run.

Immediately follow up with an even coat of the Looking Glass® spray. Allow the paint to dry for just a minute and then apply a second round of the water vinegar solution. Wait about two minutes then gently blot the beads of water vinegar solution with a paper towel. Don’t rub the surface very hard or the paint will streak. A gentle pressure is good enough to achieve a realistic mercury glass look. Repeat the process three to four times rotating the jar from resting on its base to the top so you can get full coverage.

The paint needs about three hours to dry completely before you use the jars.

So now that I’ve completed my challenge I’m kicking the ball back over to Georgia and asking her to recreate a project from one of my books. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what she does and post pictures of your own DIY projects for a chance to win Georgia’s book Modern Pioneering and my cookbook, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden. When you post your picture tag @pallensmith and @georgiapellegrini and use the hashtag #modernpioneering.

5 Responses to Faux Mercury Glass Challenge

  1. L. Lyle says:

    Allen: What a cool project. I know some girls looking for something fun to do this summer and I will pass this along. Your thoughtfulness amazes me. Thank you.

  2. lynda says:

    These are great. I have done glass with this paint, but on the back.
    Before I sprayed the Mirror Finish on I put a lot of loose threads
    on the back of the glass and also did the vinegar & water. After
    the second spraying with the Mirror Finish and when it was completely dry I gently pulled the fine threads off and then put
    a very light spray of antique silver gray. After that dried I sealed
    the whole back surface. This now looks like an old antique
    mirror. Lots of time but worth it.

  3. Laura Thomas says:

    You say to paint the outside of the Jars but every time I’ve spoken to anyone whose done this project they said to spray the inside of the jars. The Looking Glass spray paint says to spray the inside also.

  4. How I enjoy your DIY articles/tips. I have done this also and it’s a fun way to enliven vases that come with bouquets. They’re free so if you mess up just throw the vase away and start with another. Please, keep creating your wonderful website and sending these DIY tips.

  5. Lily says:

    What a great DIY, and so easy too for a unique outcome. Thank you for sharing.

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