Adventures of Smudge and Squeak: The Vet!

This summer, Smudge and Squeak went on a series of field trips to the vet for their puppy shots. It’s a big job to choose the right vet for your furry friends, but after getting several recommendations for one doctor and then seeing how he got along with Smudge and Squeak, I knew we had found the right guy for the job!

The girls seemed pretty content to head towards the big city for an afternoon.

But, as puppies will do, they dug their heels in and didn’t want to head inside for their second checkup. It took a little pleading…

…and a little bribing.

…but eventually we got them inside

And once we got them inside, we started to learn a lot about them and their health.

Because they’re outside puppies, we have to worry about things like biting fleas and gnats (their ears have already been attacked) and heart worms. Heart worms are spread by mosquitoes, and an Arkansas summer produces more than its fair share of mosquitoes.

Being surrounded by other animals means they come in contact with a lot of germs, so we gave them their last vaccination for parasites.

We also want to make sure we prevent distemper virus from growing, so we took a little medicine back to the farm with us. I don’t know how the ladies will like that…

Even so, I was proud to see that they’re growing fast and look healthy on all fronts- Smudge weighed in at 38 pounds, and Squeak took the lead at 41 pounds.

When we come back in 4 weeks for rabies I bet they’ll weigh 70!

Whatever they weigh, I hope they remain good little patients and stay healthy and happy!

12 Responses to Adventures of Smudge and Squeak: The Vet!

  1. kathy burkman says:

    They are adorable! What kind of dogs are they?

    • Kathy Gibb says:

      I’ve always had dogs and always felt they deserve our best attention and care. Unconditional love and all those welcoming tail wags are priceless. Thanks for the posting Allen.
      My dogs are terrified by horse flies, hey, so am I. They bite a chunk out of you when they land. The shampoos with flea and tick treatment really work, and the oatmeal seems to be great for their skin.

  2. Deloris Stone says:

    Awww, its so great to see someone giving proper vet care to their animals. Mine are spoiled rotten and actually LOVE my vet and run through the door and pull to look in all the exam rooms looking for her. With 3 dogs, yes its an ordeal and I have to do them in shifts in and out the door but what better thing can you do for that unconditional love, affection and smiling faces when you pull into home. Can wipe a bad day right off your mind for sure!

  3. Harriet Kelly says:

    This is the first time in 35 years that we are without a dog. Our beloved Molly passed away last year at the ripe old age of 18. She was the last of three dogs we had at once and we loved them all to bits. I still go to give her the leftover chicken from my plate.
    We are now a “cats only” family with two elderly sisters named Katy and Chessie who are 15. All of our pets come from the local shelter and we would do it again – except with the longevity of our furry friends – we are afraid they would outlive us!
    How I envy you your Smudge and Squeak!!

    • Margie says:

      You are the perfect candidate for an older dog from a shelter. An older dog is already trained, is more laid back, is very appreciative of a good, loving home. For some reason, people would rather have puppies or young dogs. Not me. I adopted my Cody, a small mixed breed when he was 10 yrs old. He is now 13 and he has been the perfect companion.

  4. alice miller says:

    Love your shows, books and this newsletter. I’m so glad to see you have dogs and have found a good vet. I’ve had dogs and cats all my life and currently have the sweetest little rat terrier who will probably be my last because we will probably finish up about the same time. I have always been so grieved over all the abused, neglected and unwanted animals that I never miss a chance to promote the ASPCA and ask everyone to please spay or neuter their pets. Keep up your good work.

  5. Bobbie says:

    Love your dogs, and very happy for you. Brings so much to our lives when they are in our home. I could not be without a dog. I just had to put my sweet yorkie down last wednesday, She was
    12 years old. Just about pulled my heart out. Thinking of getting another soon. They are so great to have around, they bring so much joy to us.
    It is fun to read all about your dogs, and see how they are growing.
    Good luck to you, they are darling.

  6. Patsy Spindler says:

    What great looking dogs! Proper vet care is so very important and it looks like the girls are getting a lot of TLC. So sweet.

  7. christine says:

    What kind are they? We have four dogs on our farm, the outside guard dog of the barnyard and goats is a pyreenes/kommodore mix named General, (he is so good with the babies they just jump and play on him all day and he just lays there). Our inside ones are Leah a g-pyreenes, yes she is inside and huge, Heidi a havernees poodle mix and our youngest one is Blue a australian shepard to herd the animals but he has turned out to be a big baby so I dont see that happening he does help us put the chickens in at night. They are our kids and cant imagine not having them….
    Just thought I would ask its crazy but I have a 9 year old belgian draft horse who I have to find a home for because of the hay shortage, I just cant afford to keep her. She is so sweet and loving. I have had people wanting to buy her but they were either horse traders or not the best with animals and she is just a big baby. I want her to have a good home because she deserves it. She is so gentle and loving, our little welsh pony runs her around. Her name is Gem. She has been used for pulling wagons before we got her but we just rode her bareback or with a saddle. Just thought by chance. Thank you , I live in Baxter county in the norther part of AR. We just not got some rain this weekend the most we have had since the beginning of April.

  8. Celeste says:

    I really the science/technical info, like the water temperature levels.
    I ve no idea what the living conditions are in AR.Appreciate the mosquito info.

  9. Smudge and Squeak are Anatolian Shepherds.

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