Hobby Farm Dreaming

I was delighted to receive a copy of Julia Rothman’s book Farm Anatomy, The Curious Parts & Pieces of Country Life from Storey Publishing.

You may be familiar with Julia’s illustrations, wall papers, notecards and pattern designs. She has been featured on the blog Design Sponge DesignSponge.com and in magazines such as O At Home, ReadyMade, and Domino.

This book is right up my alley. Not only does the subject matter interest me, but it’s a visual treat. Whether she’s discussing plants to use for
natural dye or how to plow a field, Julia relies on illustrations with just a bit of text to convey the information. This makes otherwise complicated
topics pretty darn easy to understand. Makes me wonder why other books aren’t written this way.

Of course, the clincher for me is the spread on heritage turkey breeds. How can I not love a book that includes heritage turkey breeds?

So how about a copy of Farm Anatomy for your library? Post a comment about what you would raise on a farm for a chance to win Farm Anatomy. A winner has been selected. Thank you to everyone who participated! Love the comments!

Check out more of Julia’s illustrations online at
juliarothman.com & read her book blog at book-by-its-cover.com

Excerpted from Farm Anatomy, text and illustrations (c) by Julia Rothman, used with permission from Storey Publishing.

*Winners limited to the continental U.S.

122 Responses to Hobby Farm Dreaming

  1. Mary Dyle says:

    My parents owned a farm in Virginia, that they sold shortly after my birth. Naturally I have always longed to be closer to such a life style. I own about an acre in a small Mississippi coastal town and would enjoy trying to transform some of it. Anyway I am most interested also in the carrot cake recipe.

  2. Pamela Gibson says:

    I dream of having chickens. Every time I see Allen with his chickens I have to rush to the library and spend time reading about raising exotic poultry. It is definitely on my bucket list. “Farm Anatomy” truly looks like the how-to book of my dreams. So, A Very Happy and Delicious Holiday to all. My son is home from Afghanistan and I am having a family Christmas for the first time in four years. Love, Pam

  3. Tamara says:

    Shucks, I missed the deadline too, but will def. ck out her bk.
    With some acreage I’d raise quail, pheasants and bantams.
    When I was little my grandma worked at a pheasant hatchery (in Minn.) and would bring home eggs to eat. They are SO delicious.
    Small of course, but distinctive. As for now I just have a few indoor finches. Now there are eggs too small to eat!

  4. Olivia says:

    I would love to have a tiny farm one day… I am currently dreaming of owning a few goats (goat milk and home made goat cheese, YUM!); a few sheep (home made lamb’s wool yarn to supply my crochet and knitting hobby); a few chickens (so I know exactly where my eggs are coming from); and a medium-sized garden (I need to learn how to can!). My dream is to one day become completely energy (solar panels) & water (deep water well) independant as well… I have a very active immagination!

  5. Homepage says:

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    […] Read More here: pallensmith.com/blog/farm/hobby-farm-dreaming […]…

  6. Congratulations to Diane Ropp! Loved your comment. Look for your copy of Farm Anatomy to arrive shortly!

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