Moss Mountain Farm in Southern Living

Many thanks to writer Steve Bender and photographer Roger Foley for the beautiful article in the recent issue of Southern Living magazine. I picked up a copy in the airport and read the article on the plane. You two sure know how to make a guy look good!

Moss Mountain Farm in Southern Living

4 Responses to Moss Mountain Farm in Southern Living

  1. Terry Diehl says:

    Hi Allen,
    I never get tired of looking at your home and gardens, oh and the farm animals,too. The pictures and write up were quite nice. I’m sure you were pleased with it. One day I’m coming there to check it out in person. It’s on my bucket list!

    Enjoy the day!
    Terry Diehl

  2. Cynthia Hutchison says:

    I record both your TV shows on PBS, and never tire of watching your series. I have enjoyed seeing your home built from the ground up and especially enjoy your cooking show. Many thanks for the opportunity to watch Moss Mountain Farm develop right in front of my eyes, so instructive and entertaining!

  3. Sally D says:

    Really good article! Thanks so much for your shows….I learn
    so many interesting things from them, plus they are just
    beautifully done! And I find them very peaceful and relaxing
    to watch, as well. Your chickens and ducks are very cool, too!
    Looking forward to futures seasons of your programs!

  4. Darlene Freeman says:

    Very nicely done. You have a beautiful country home.

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