The Chicks are Hanging Out

Spring is the season of adorable out at the farm. This week the chicks get first prize for cuteness. They are about 4 days old and starting to show some sass. Jersey Giant, Buff Orpington, Dorking, Wyandotte and New Hampshire are the breeds we’ve hatched.

These pictures beg for captions don’t you think? Well, the folks in the office sure thought so and spent a good deal of time emailing choice chick words; some with visual aids. Check out their suggestions on our Purina Chicken Chat Facebook page.


21 Responses to The Chicks are Hanging Out

  1. Cindy Medvid says:

    These little ones bring back memories of going to the 5 & 10 store around Easter and seeing all the pretty colored chicks pink, yellow, green, rose, blue. I just couldn’t understand as they grew up they turned yellow. Wonderful flash back I just encountered.

  2. Brenda Powell says:

    I would like an address of where to buy chicks. I want some odd looking chickens and leghorns. I will be building a chicken house the end of March 2012. I live in north Louisiana

    • Diana Fendley says:

      You can order them from McMurry Hatchery, or many others, they ship them one day old and you pick them up from the post office as soon as they call you. Be prepared to bring them home before hand and have everything ready. There are many websites that will tell you what you need. Also make sure you get them vaccinated against Merks and use only medicated chick feed to prevent them from getting coccidiosis, which will usually kill them. And read, read, read about making everything preditor proof.

  3. Wayne says:

    We all love you Allen, keep on chuggin’! Great website!

  4. Esther says:

    Memories of childhood days. Good Pics!

  5. Georgetta says:

    In the spring my mother would order baby chickens through the mail & they would be delivered to where we lived in the country by our postman…all were sound & healthy. They were placed in their very own little enclosure in our house and eventually to their own little chicken coop in our back yard. Of course I made ‘pets’ of them all. I would sit on the grass and they would hop all over me and even sit on shoulders, To this day I go to the feed stores just to hear & see the baby chickens. You sure bring back a lot of good memories Mr. Smith…Thank You! :)

  6. Sandra Rode says:

    I can’t resist baby chicks, my hatch out and yet I still buy them at the feed stores when I go in or the farming supply store. My husband gets frustrated yet he talks to them as if they are real babies. The hard part butchering the meat hens. We try to be humane and not ever let them suffer. Home grown meat birds are so healthy and taste so much better than store bought. LOL

  7. Jo Le says:

    Allen, I love your pictures of the little chicks. Especially the one who looks angry: caption: “This is mine — you can’t have it”. On the one above: “Hey gang, look what I found!”

    Thank you so much. Visiting your Farm is one of my “Life Checks”. I want to see it before I go. Hopefully sometime this year I will get my wish.

    Jo Le

  8. Linda L. says:

    How about some baby ducks or little lambs? Please post some photos of those cuties!

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