The Chicks are Hanging Out

Spring is the season of adorable out at the farm. This week the chicks get first prize for cuteness. They are about 4 days old and starting to show some sass. Jersey Giant, Buff Orpington, Dorking, Wyandotte and New Hampshire are the breeds we’ve hatched.

These pictures beg for captions don’t you think? Well, the folks in the office sure thought so and spent a good deal of time emailing choice chick words; some with visual aids. Check out their suggestions on our Purina Chicken Chat Facebook page.


21 Responses to The Chicks are Hanging Out

  1. Brendy says:

    love the newsletter and the best information for great living…cooking, and gardening all in one.

    Allen, Keep the years greener and the smile brighter,Brendy!

  2. Karen says:

    OMG too darn cute!!! I remember when my Grandmother used to purchase her “chicks” at the farmers market in Wisconsin each summer…..such fun as a kid to have a box full of little chicks to play with on the kitchen floor!!
    thanks for the memories!!!

  3. Rita Hopper says:

    Love the newsletters.
    It is interesting to see your fascination with various chickens here and on your TV show and the varieties that they have. When I was growing up all we had were Leghorns – but had good eggs and good eating!

  4. Barbara Breuer says:

    I remember when my father used to buy baby chicks in big boxes. When he took off the lid in the chicken house, they spilled over the edges in bright yellow piles of fluff. I loved it and I am smiling now!!!

    When I encounter tasks that seem to go all over the place and be uncontrollable, I compare it to “gathering baby chicks.”

  5. Carol Thompson says:

    How adorable!

  6. Cindy Martin says:

    We just purchesed 12 new chicks 4 for our flock and 8 for my daughters house. they are so much fun to raise and it is great to get a little present from them each day

  7. Franki Parde says:

    I, too, remember…”the chicks are coming, the chicks are coming…delivered IN THE MAIL no less. We always had a favorite…then…they grew up and we had to “catch them out of the trees when it got cold…with a chicken hook. Ahhh, the “good old days…” :) franki

  8. Wilma Erlandson says:

    Years ago they shipped baby chicks from the Santa Cruz Post Office to the San Joaquin Valley, etc. I remember going in the Post Office and hearing this cheep. cheep, cheep, and I knew they had baby chicks to ship. This is a pleasant reminder.

  9. Sandy says:

    When I was a child we ordered our baby chicks from Sear’s and picked them up at the railroad depot.

  10. Alice Marcotte says:

    Really cute. Love the 3rd one. He looks like he is defending his turf.
    Like the newsletters. Come them coming.

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